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Online Safety of

Journalists in Africa

This event highlighted the online safety challenges facing the journalist community and how to face them.

29 October 2021



Protecting the Online Safety of Journalists: A Global Challenge

Cyberspace has become an essential vector of news and information but, faced with the desire of certain actors to control the Internet and silence dissident voices, journalists around the world are constantly the target of cyber attacks, whether reporting on crime, politics, or through the spread of disinformation. Online vulnerabilities open up possibilities for harassment and intimidation too and can often be translated offline, which prevents a free press from adequately representing and being represented by certain demographic groups, such as women.

The first panel shared experiences on the risks faced by journalists online and how they often translate offline. It addressed hatred and disinformation campaigns, especially women journalists targeted by organised online campaigns.

The second panel addressed the current policy efforts in place to protect journalists and freedom of expression online and the role of government in protecting media freedom. 


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Please note, this event will be recorded.

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The event will be presented in English and French. 


Welcome: Ms. Kayle Giroud, Partnership Associate Director, Global Cyber Alliance

Panel: “Promoting Freedom Online"

Moderated by: Mr. Julian Hayda, Freelance Journalist and Member, GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists, Advisory Group


  • Mr. Mohamed Chennoufi, Education and Communities Regional Coordinator for the Access Now Digital Security Helpline
  • Ms. Bulanda Nkhowani, Program Officer for Southern Africa for Paradigm Initiative
  • Mr. Pa Louis Thomasi, Africa Office Director, International Federation of Journalists

Panel: “Africa Media Policy in the Digital Age"

Moderated by: Mr. Emmanuel Gadasu, Vice-President, E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa


  • Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, Ag. Director-General, Cyber Security Authority, Ghana
  • Mr. Tonny Raymond KirabiraPhD Law Researcher at the University of Portsmouth and Visiting Fellow at the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Ms. Felicia Anthonio, Campaigner, #KeepItOn Lead for Access Now

Conclusion: Brencil Kaimba, Cybersecurity Consultant, Serianu