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Continuing our efforts to accelerate DMARC adoption, the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is pleased to offer a second round of its 2020 DMARC Bootcamp this September. The bootcamp will enable participants to learn about and implement the DMARC protocol to lower the odds of domains being spoofed and used for phishing attacks.


Before that kicks off on September 15th, GCA and partners will conduct two pre-bootcamp webinars to set the scene by discussing the latest threats and trends in phishing and BEC.

  • July 14th with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit: Fighting Cyber Crime Including BEC (completed)
  • September 1st with Phishing, a Global Pandemic? (completed) View the Webinar


DRAFT AGENDA (subject to change)

Bootcamp Week 1 - BEC and DMARC in a Nutshell

This webinar features a brief overview of the bootcamp, along with an overview of DMARC that explains what DMARC protects against (including BEC), why it is important to implement, and the various components involved with implementation.

Bootcamp Week 2 - What Are SPF and DKIM?

In this session we will review SPF and DKIM. We’ll cover the basics of SPF and DKIM and options of performing DKIM key generation and signing.

Bootcamp Week 3 - DMARC in Detail & Online Technical Demos

In these sessions we will explore the technical aspects of creating a DMARC policy. We will cover each of the tags for a DMARC policy and provide a demonstration of how to create the DNS records for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on various DNS platforms (Windows, Linux, Cloud).

Bootcamp Week 4 - DMARC Reporting & Analysis: What’s Next

In this session we will discuss next steps now that you have DMARC implemented. We will talk about how to analyze and review the reports generated and what actions may need to be taken before moving to a DMARC enforcement level.

Bootcamp Week 5 - Bootcamp Review and Additional Protocols

In this session we will do a quick review of the previous sessions and provide information on other email security protocols.

Learn More About DMARC

To learn more about GCA DMARC Bootcamps and view our resources, please visit our website.


Why Should You Participate?

DMARC is considered an industry standard for email security to prevent attacks from malicious third parties sending fraudulent email using a legitimate address. DMARC is also an important defense against business email compromise (BEC), which is a growing risk for organizations of all sizes, with more than $1.7 billion in losses last year according to the FBI.

DMARC stops most email impersonation — by implementing DMARC, domains lower the odds of their domains being spoofed and used for phishing attacks on recipients.


Beginning September 15th, GCA will conduct five weeks of online technical training and provide resources focused on what DMARC is and how to implement it.

  • Intended participants include IT & security practitioners
  • Weekly one-hour live technical sessions
  • Cover the basics of SPF & DKIM 
  • Discuss each of the DMARC policy tags (none, quarantine & reject)
  • Demonstrations on different systems

By the end of the bootcamp, participants will have enough information and confidence to move to the highest DMARC policy level of ‘reject’ immediately or within a few months.


GCA, founded in 2015, is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk and improving our connected world. Promoting the implementation of DMARC became our first global project, with the development of a setup guide available in 18 languages, seven of which are official in the EU. It led us to become engaged in advocacy campaigns with several governments and large email providers and to create a complete curriculum to guide users to actual deployment.