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GCA DMARC Bootcamp
Fall 2020


DMARC is considered the industry standard for email authentication to prevent attacks from malicious third parties sending harmful email using a counterfeit address. By implementing DMARC, you lower the odds of your domains being spoofed and used for phishing attacks against others. DMARC is also an important defense against Business Email Compromise (BEC), which is a growing risk for organizations of all sizes, with more than $1.7 billion in losses last year according to the FBI.

Continuing its efforts to accelerate DMARC adoption through advocacy and practical solutions, the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is pleased to offer another installment of its DMARC Bootcamp. Beginning September 15th, GCA will conduct five weeks of online technical training focused on what DMARC is and how to implement it. We’ll cover the basics of SPF and DKIM and options of performing DKIM key generation and signing. We will go over each of the tags for a DMARC policy and provide a demonstration of how to create the DNS records for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on several systems.

By the end of the bootcamp, participants will have enough information and confidence to move to the highest DMARC policy level of “reject” immediately or within a few months.  

This series is similar to the first bootcamp GCA conducted in 2019, which had 1,800 registrants from 55 countries spanning more than 40 sectors. More than 10% of bootcamp participants subsequently implemented DMARC at various levels.

Every step of the way, GCA will assist with resources and guidance, including a weekly one-hour webinar. 

Upon registering for the bootcamp, you will receive a confirmation email. One week prior to the first webinar (September 8th) you will receive additional information and registration links for all five weeks of webinars. Each webinar will be held on Tuesday at 8am EST/ 2pm CET.

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Bootcamp participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance as follows:

  • Attend the full 5 hours of the live bootcamp sessions
  • Certificates cannot be issued for watching recorded sessions
  • This will be tracked by using the email address the participant registered with.

If any participant’s domain does not have a DMARC policy set prior to the start of bootcamp and implements a DMARC at policy level “none” for their organization during the bootcamp (end date to do so is October 16th), they will receive an additional 3 hours of credit. The domain used during registration is what we will track for this credit.



We held a special pre-bootcamp webinar with Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán, Head of IT & Cybersecurity at on September 1st.

Phishing: A Global Pandemic?

Please click below to view a recording of the session.


View the Webinar

Learn More About Each Session 

Week One: Getting Started

  • September 8: Pre-webinar resources emailed to bootcamp registrants
  • September 15: Webinar - BEC and DMARC in a Nutshell
    This webinar features a brief overview of the bootcamp, along with an overview of DMARC that explains what DMARC protects against (including BEC), why it is important to implement, and the various components involved with implementation.

Weeks Two and Three: Time to Implement!!

  • September 22: Webinar - What are SPF and DKIM?
    In this session we will review SPF and DKIM. We’ll cover the basics of SPF and DKIM and options of performing DKIM key generation and signing.
  • September 29, 30 & October 1: DMARC in Detail and Online Technical Demos
    In these sessions we will go into the technical aspects of creating a DMARC policy. We will cover each of the tags for a DMARC policy and provide a demonstration of how to create the DNS records for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on various DNS platforms. You may attend any one, or all three, sessions.
    • Tuesday, September 29 - demo of Window DNS
    • Wednesday, September 30 - demo Linux DNS
    • Thursday, October 1 - demo of Cloud DNS

Week Four: Ongoing Management

  • October 6: Webinar - DMARC Reporting & Analysis: What Happens Next
    In this session, we will discuss next steps now that you have DMARC implemented. We will talk about how to analyze and review the reports generated and what actions may need to be taken before moving to a DMARC enforcement level.

Week Five: Wrap-up Session

  • October 13: Webinar - Bootcamp Review and Additional Protocols
    In this session, we will do a quick review of the previous sessions and provide high-level information on other email security protocols.